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This series of articles concerning the organ are intended to be of use to a wide spectrum of readers. They will be added gradually to this site.

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Organ Culture in Canada
Canada Primer - the country, its cultural profile and organ scene, including geographical and touristic resources
The Organ Concert: Issues and Directions in the 21st Century
Approaching Presenters in Canada - a guide forCanadian and international artists
Making, Marketing and Distributing your organ recording in Canada and on the Internet
Arts Fund Raising in Canada

Organ Concerts Now
Technical Requirements of Organ Concerts: guidelines for happy artists and audiences
Organ Concerts: Publicity and Promotion Approaches and Tools
Organ Plus: an Organist’s Guide to Opportunities with other Musicians

Churches and Congregations
The Organ in Worship: New Opportunities for the 21st Century
Buying an Organ: a Resource for Canadian Churches and other Institutions
Maintaining a Pipe Organ: Strategies for Quality Performance and Long Life
Writing for the Organ: A Guide for Composers
Finding and Employing a Church Organist (or other Musician)